Friends at Home
Here's a little history fun fact of Friendship Circle of Dallas: when we started back in 2016 (can you even remember 2016??) Friends at Home was our only program! While we have added more exciting and enriching activities, Friends @ Home is still a winner. Why? Friends at Home is a weekly program where teenage volunteers spend quality time with their special friend, in the environment the kids are most comfortable and familiar with: their own homes.

A unique bond is established between the volunteers and their friends. The range of activities shared can be anything from baking to arts & crafts, story-time to hide-and-seek. Parents speak glowingly of how the children look forward to these visits; and how they excitedly sit at the window in anticipation of their buddies showing up at the doorstep.

Sunday Circle 
Sunday Circle is an opportunity for children and friends to gather for 2 fun-filled hours of alternating activities. Our group participates in music, movement, and crafts as well as specialties such as cooking, science and sports. Sunday Circle allows you to leave your child in the loving hands of qualified professionals and one-on-one teen friends. 

Teens on the Town 
For teens ages 13-18: fun outings designed specifically for teenagers only. 

Junior Friends
Junior Friends features a variety of sensory stimulating activities for children of ALL abilities that are within the ages 0-6. This is not a drop off program which is great since parents enjoy it just as much as the littles! 

Winter Camp
Yes, you heard right. Winter vacation will never be the same.  


Mom's Night Out / Dad's night out
It's our turn to pamper you. Enjoy a night out of relaxation at the spa, complete with facials, manicures, waxing, and more!  


MVP- Mitzvah Volunteer Program
The perfect opportunity for your child approaching their bar/ bat mitzvah. 
Learn about our organization, volunteer at the events of your choice,  plan and facilitate a meaningful Friendship Circle event on your own!